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Group Sessions

What to expect?

As the name suggests, you’ll be in a group. This tends to work quite well for people that have started business at the same time. We discuss the same issues and the same problems and results, but instead of it being a two-way discussion, it becomes an open forum for knowledge and ideas. I invite everyone to ask each other questions or I’ll facilitate questioning and answering.

What we could cover

Below are usually the main topics we cover, but it doesn’t stop there. We can cover all aspects of business depending on what the group wants to discuss





Who is this for?

For business owners that may not necessarily have the budget to take on a session on their own. Maybe you already have two or three other business owners who share similar problems to yourself so you could all get better value for money by sharing the costs together.

Bring your inner circle, the other business owners that you usually go to for advice. Up until now you’ve all been helping each other out and supporting each other but have never all had that professional coaching aspect – group sessions can change that.
If you don’t know any other business owners in your circle – group sessions are great for finding your community. I will bring you together with the people who understand.


Depending on the size and location of the group, we can go to a local business/community hub or similar. Somewhere that has the space and/or meeting room for our session. Group sessions can also be held online if that is preferred due to location conflicts etc.

Unlock your full potential

Through group sessions, everyone can walk away with a bit more of a tangible plan. You’ll walk away with something in your hands that they can go and action and the accountability of a WhatsApp group or a community group that we create together that includes me within it.

Got a specific goal in mind?