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I run workshops in two ways. For business owners and by business owners.

Workshops for business owners

What to expect?

Workshops for business owners are exactly as it says on the tin. I run workshops on a set date, time, and location to help people who are new to it business. I may invite other industry experts to join me, then we would run it together on a set topic. These will be advertised on my social media or if you see me at a networking event or expo ask me about them.

What we could cover

Usually a general intro to business – marketing, growth mindset, etc. Feel free to make suggestions as I always want to be giving value to the people who need it.

Who is this for?

For business owners that would like to try coaching before committing to one-to-one sessions as an example. Through workshops, I’m able to offer bite-sized group coaching sessions on specific topics.


Varies depending on the workshop, however, mostly face-to-face at a community space.

Empowering Workshops

Workshops allow attendees to go away again with a tangible plan. I can create a WhatsApp group so that your new community have got that accountability with the people that are going through the same thing that you are going through.

Workshops by business owners

What to expect?

Workshops by business owners are dictated by the needs of your business. You’d be able to offer your employees (4 or 5 is usually a good number) bite-sized chunks of group coaching that can be specifically tailored to your business to move it forward as a team.

Alternatively, if your business wants to offer a workshop to your clients then that can be arranged as well.

What we could cover

Workshops have set topics. As an example, we could cover communication one week, social media the next week, marketing the next, then business strategy etc. I can suggest workshops or businesses can request workshops from me.

Who is this for?

For business owners that want their team or clients to get the same information. To foster a sense of community and togetherness to move the business forward with set topics. Workshops are great for business owners who value their employees’ voices and want to utilise them, their ideas, and experiences.


Varies depending on your place of work. Workshops can also be held online if that is preferred.

Strategic Workshops

Workshops allow people to go away again with a tangible plan of action. As everyone would have gotten the same information, it’s a great way to set foundations and expectations in a business.

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