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2022 Trends

Dave Christie - 18.01.2023

2022 is set to bring a strong focus on lifestyle and nutrition., Plus, a shared planet is now a general acceptance that planetary health is a shared responsibility of the industry and consumers who can play their part in shaping a sustainable and prosperous future.

Notable themes that stood out in 2021 that will continue to gain momentum in 2022 will be ‘better-for-you, plant-based and non-dairy innovation and offerings, sugar reduction ingredients, clean label stabilizers and alternative proteins. This coming year more proteins from vegetables to be used in plant-based meat alternatives will appear.

Keep an eye on cabbage and potatoes.” Could potato milk be the next big thing to disrupt the vegan milk alternatives sector?”The spotlight will also be on natural and organic solutions, immunity-boosting, and functional and nutritional products, while sustainability will play a significant role.

DTC is exploding in food and drink, making big changes in the way brands get their products to market.

The pandemic persuaded more consumers to shop for food and drink online, and although this has somewhat shifted back post-lockdown, e-commerce remains a popular way to shop.”The value of apps, QR codes and other digital tools has soared, and consumers have embraced them as a way to order and pay for their drinks and food.” That’s.

The biggest opportunity from direct relationships with consumers is the ability to build a closer, stronger, longer, and ultimately more valuable relationship with them. There has also been a r”e in UK consumers making a shift to meal kits/boxes’ in an attempt to avoid the crowds at local supermarkets. Hel o Fresh, Gousto, and Mindful Chef have been heavily advertising their food boxes over the last 12 months, promoting benefits like convenience and fresh ingredients.

The New Year kicks off with Veganuary, and with more than 500,000 people participating in 2021, that number could double this year. The month-long campaign encourages people to go vegan for the entire month of January for their health and the planet. According to The Vegan SocietSainbury’s, one in four Brits have cut back on animal products during the pandemic, and Sainbury’s Future of Food Repo at up to a quarter of the British population will be vegan or vegetarian by 2025.

Vegan food is everywhere these days!

From the fresh, whole foods at our local supermarkets and farmers’ markets to the not-so-but-still-healthier-than-meat-and-dairy vegan junk food options at fast-food chains around the world, it’s never been easier to go v, and Veganuary is the perfect time to start.

Flexitarians are the new drivers of the plant-based revolution. Their interest stems from a focus on the farmer’s health as well as the health of the planet. Plant-based foods and beverages it’s known to be ‘good for y’uThat’st’s why on vacation with t safely, securely conveniently ‘ey’e simplest, the nature-based ingredient list is imperative.

Whole Food’s latest Trends Council report, reducetarianism, was dubbed a top trend to watch for 2022, perfect for plant-curious eaters who aren’t ready to give up meat entirely.’ The plant-based food sector is certainly growing – online food platform ShelfNow said that between 2020 and 2021, vegetarian food products increased by 156%, vegan product sales jumped 150%, and products like dairy and meat alternatives are growing market.

A growing taste for functionality and new flavour sensations through botanical ingredient solutions provide interest in ingredient diversity and improved nutrient density in products. Consumers must be less accepting of ambiguous or blunt claims due to a lack of credibility. So, when claiming specific functional benefits on a product, they must be honest and ideally verified.

A growing consumer curiosity about the link between their gut and other health areas, such as immunity, energy, sleep, and stagNotableMarket says gut health is key to achieving holistic well-being.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, consumers are turning to indulgences to seek happiness and continued pleasure and celebrate e.’Though they are looking for healthier options, consumedon’tn’t want to compromise on tas’ e.’Taste is still the key factor influencing our purchasing, but today people are also considering the types of chocolates to eat for personal health.

61% wish there were healthier chocolate options, products that deliver the same taste quality but have reduced sugar, are plant-based or are all-around good for their body.

The trends “f “good for me,” “indulgent moments,” “chocolate I trust,” and “taking new forms” continue in 2022 and beyond.

The snacks category has continued to grow, with 56% of consumers snacking more since the pandemic and a 4.3% growth for new product introductions globally in 2020 vs 2019.” Yet, consumers struggle to find convenient options when it comes to plant-based, with more than one in four (26%) flexitarians agreeing that inconvenience is a barrier to choosing a plant-based product.

Plant-based launches are constantly advancing, with nutritious and sustainable products at the bakery sector’s core innovations.” For context, plant-based bakery product launches have increased 29% over the last decade, while plant-based patisserie introductions grew 28%.

Home cooking and healthier eating are set to continue, so it’s a fantastic time for brands to be adventurous and innovative. aren’tThe UK consumer has never been so open to experimenting with new flavours and culinary concepts.

Cheshire Business Coaching will continue to bring you the latest brands and insights into what it’s happening in the UK food and drink sector, particularly regarding health and wellness.

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