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Walk and Talk sessions

What to expect?

Walk-and-talk sessions are essentially one-to-one coaching, however, with the added bonus of exercise, bringing the dog and being in nature. Being outside allows us to have a casual and calm conversation. Through these conversations, we can identify key areas of your business that you’re having issues with or that aren’t working as they should.

We take this approach as you’ll be in the right mental space to be able to look at your business without watching the clock or having your emails pinging throughout the session. We’d discuss what your understanding is of things inside and outside of your business. I can then look for ways to show you and explain to you how and why you should do certain things for their business, dependent on what we’ve spoken about.

What we could cover

Below are some examples of topics we could cover, but it doesn’t stop there. We can cover all aspects of business depending on what we discuss




Email Marketing




Human Resource

Who is this for?

Business owners who have already got dogs or that already go walking to relax. Maybe your usual day-to-day is highly stressful and you walk to decompress.


Anywhere that you already walk. We want to be in a place of relaxation or somewhere that you can actually forget about work for a moment. This will allow the conversation to be about you and the business without being interrupted (throwing sticks for the dog doesn’t count!)

Unlock your full potential

Through these walk-and-talk sessions, we’ll work on ways to put strategies in place and empower you to understand what you should do, why you should do it, and what the impact will be.

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